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Recent tests in the US and Hong Kong are showing that indoor air quality is worse than air pollution on most busy roads.

That’s pretty scary stuff.

Finding a suitable solution to ensure better indoor air quality (IAQ) for your family is paramount, and at Uponor, we firmly believe that our radiant ceiling cooling panels can help you do just that.

Explore the health challenges poor IAQ presents, learn what radiant ceiling cooling panels are, how they’re easily installed in homes, and their unique advantages in putting your family’s protection first.


Topics: Radiant Cooling, Indoor Air Quality

Addressing issues with pollution, climate change, indoor air quality and building energy efficiency are all reasons to find better, renewable sources of energy and innovative cooling solutions.

Although improvements are being made by implementing safer, less costly energy sources, maximising energy efficiency remains a challenge for most buildings.

So, what can be done?


Topics: Radiant Cooling, Energy Saving, TABS

Picking the right plumbing system design matters now more than ever. The dangers of using outdated pipe systems to supply safe water to buildings are dramatically increased when cutting back on costs and quality just to save.

But, what are you actually saving on in the long run?


Topics: Plumbing System

Does your next project or home call for plumbing materials that meet the highest quality and safety standards?

Whilst all metal pipe and plastic systems have their pros and cons, we firmly believe that PEX-a is the only choice you should be considering.

Learn how this premium made plastic stacks up against PVC, copper, stainless steel and more in our infographic.


Topics: Pex-a Tubing, Plumbing System

As of 2018, one-third of the freshwater sent to residents in Hong Kong is lost in transit. That’s 321 million cubic metres of water lost between reservoirs and user’s taps.

Half of those losses are from leakage, inaccurate water meters and theft. According to experts, another 14% may be lost in the pipes of property owners.

Property owners and engineers are responsible for dealing with the issue of water wastage. For water-wise engineers, this means finding a plumbing system design that conserves water while protecting consumers.

Learn more about Uponor’s Quick & Easy System’s plumbing system design features and why it's the smart choice to address Hong Kong's water concerns.



Topics: Pex-a Tubing, Water Saving Technology, Plumbing System, Safe Water

Are you a water-wise engineer considering flexible plumbing pipes and a holistic system that promotes water safety?

If Hong Kong’s 2015 water safety scare taught us anything, it’s that plumbing system design and its components matter.

Discover why Uponor’s PE-Xa pipes are undoubtedly the industry choice for a highly efficient plumbing system and safer water now and into the future.


Topics: Pex-a Tubing, Water Saving Technology, Plumbing System, Safe Water, Manifolds

Are you looking for an automated water safety system for your next building project?

Finding the right system that checks all of the boxes can be complicated, but it does not need to be.

Learn about Uponor’s PPM manifolds and how integration with our auto shut off valve makes for a more streamlined solution that offers flexibility, promises water safety and easier installation.


Topics: Pex-a Tubing, Water Saving Technology, Plumbing System, Manifolds, AQUA Plus

With outdated water delivery systems still being used in homes and water scarcity becoming more prevalent around the globe today, water damage, wastage and safety are of the utmost concern to homeowners and water-wise engineers alike.

Advances in plumbing technology, and specifically water shut off valves, have made it is possible to address these kinds of issues at a  fundamental level.

But, which types of water shut off valves are the best fit for your home or next building project?

Explore the different types of water shut off valves and the pros and cons of each so you’re better equipped to effectively manage the delivery of water and so much more going forward.


Topics: Pex-a Tubing, Water Saving Technology, Plumbing System, Safe Water

Although Hong Kong’s water currently meets local standards of water safety, there is still widespread concern over water quality. There are many factors that can compromise municipal water safety which include sourcing and pipe quality. When it comes to pipe quality, PE-Xa is the most suitable piping solution. Learn why here.


Topics: Pex-a Tubing, Safe Water

With major metropolitan areas the likes of drought stricken Cape Town, South Africa (currently under water restrictions of 50L per person daily), and Hong Kong - cited as being more naturally water scarce than parts of the Middle East and Africa - the effective management of depleting water resources and prevention of wastage ranks among the most pressing issues our species faces in the 21st Century.


Topics: Water Saving Technology, Plumbing System

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